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Digital Leap – Swedish participants, module 3

The third Digital Leap learning module will run October 4-9. We would like to introduce the Swedish selected artists, who will be learning and networking in Terrassa and Manresa, Catalunya for five days.

Matilda Bjärum is a dance artist from Malmö, Sweden. Her practice revolves around how playfulness can influence and inspire movement and creation. As a dance artist, she works with a flowing and liquid movement language experimented through the frameworks of improvisation, with a continued interest in new and bold creative processes. Matilda has worked with Scottish Dance Theatre, Alexandra Pirici, Bobbi Lo Produktion, Emmanuel Gat, Vinicius Salles and Human Hood amongst others. By joining the module, Matilda expects to gain new confidence in working with digital platforms.

“I hope to gain knowledge on digital distribution to feel more confident in promoting and producing my own work on a larger scale. Whilst having the opportunity for connecting with new networks and tools to share my art with a wider international audience.”

Johan Bandholtz is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm and has a B.F.A in Dance & Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts, a B.Med.Sci in Psychology and an M.A in Gender Studies. He co-founded Ongoing Realities with dancer and choreographer Anna Näsström. OR is an explorative choreographic approach exploring the relationship and creative possibilities merging dance and choreography with various digital and analogue technologies. Johan is interested in the intersection(s) of contemporary dance and choreography, technology and psychology and in finding strategies for creative collaborations in contemporary choreography. Johan took part in the first learning module in Prague and applied to the third module in the hopes of deepening his understanding of online distribution of artistic work.

“I expect to get insights about strategies to find audiences applicable to the work that I do. I also hope to get the opportunity to talk about how experimental work can find its place online, that is perhaps not the type of content that “goes viral”. I expect to deepen my artistic reflection, and ask more elaborate questions in my practice.”

Linda Remahl is a dancer from Gothenburg. She moved to England to study at London Contemporary Dance School (BA-Hons). She stayed for 17 years, working in the arts. 2015 she moved to Arvidsjaur, a rural town in northern Sweden. She often uses video editing as a choreographic tool leading to digital expression through the moving image. Her work involves collaging movement, soundscape, photo and film. It takes the form of interactive installations or site-specific work, often with elements of live performance. She takes inspiration for her work in how we see, perceive, relate and move within our histories and the contexts that surround us. Collaboration with other artists and art forms are central to her practice.

Linda wishes to have a deeper understanding in how to reach out with artistic works to meet audiences in new and innovative ways.

“This invaluable knowledge will directly influence not only my own work and practice, but also Northern Sustainable Futures´ latest project iM KONSTHALL, an immersive mobile gallery”.

Natalia Drozd is a dancer and choreographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has graduated BA in Dance Performance programme from the Stockholm University of the Arts SKH/DOCH in 2021. Currently she is studying International Cultural Project Management at Kulturverkstan in Gothenburg. As a dancer she has worked with, among others: Ellen Söderhult, Christina Caprioli/Ccap, Amanda Piña, Salva Sanchis, Thiago Granato, Matej Matejka, Tomasz Pomersbach. Natalia participated in the International Summer School “Curating in Context” 2021. As a dance artist in the beginning of her career, expanding her international network is crucial for Natalia.

“Participating in the module will give me knowledge on distributing my art through digital channels and developing international relations. I also expect to meet and exchange knowledge with invited and local artists.”

Kipat Kahumbu is a multi-disciplinary artist who has spent the last decade refining his practices across Europe. He spent his earlier years developing to become an architect and later pursued his career in performance art. After completing two Bachelors of Art at London’s National Centre for Circus Arts and Stockholm’s University of the Arts, Kipat has continued to broaden his artistic capabilities as a dancer, pedagogue, film maker, choreographer and director. He aspires to connect the field of performance art, more concretely with the fields of installation and immersive art, combining his practices to create unique and avant-garde experiences. Kipat was also a participant in the Prague module and in this third module he hopes to dive into the different ways of distributing arts digitally.

“My main learning goals are to understand how to create and distribute installation and performance work online effectively, how to better separate marketing of the work from the actual work itself and keep the integrity and legal rights of the work when developing work purposely for digital consumption.”

Digital Leap has received funding from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. The European Commission is not responsible for the contents of this website.

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