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About Danscentrum Sverige

Danscentrum is a membership organization of independent professional Swedish dance artists. 

Members are the professional choreographers and dancers who create the majority of the contemporary dance in Sweden. Through collaborative work we strive to boost, expand and advocate for the field of contemporary dance in Sweden and internationally.


The regional membership organizations –Danscentrum Norr, Danscentrum Stockholm, Danscentrum Väst and Danscentrum Syd offer their members professional training, work space, national and international residencies and production support.


Danscentrum Sverige one of the owners of Dansalliansen. Danscentrum Stockholm is one of the founders of The House of Dance (Dansens Hus). Danscentrum's organizations are represented in various boards and working groups to promote the interests of contemporary dance and the members.


Danscentrum Sverige's organization receive funding from the Swedish Arts Council.

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