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Viktor Fröjd

Viktor Fröjd explores how dance can contain a deeper understanding of what it is to be human through commissions and self produced works, rooted in streetdance, freestyle and the house clubscene.

Presenting at the Swedish Dance Experience, Thursday, August 29th in Sammlung Philara.


Performance – Festen

Festen by Viktor Fröjd is a tribute to the human and the spiritual. To dance and to use the body to experience all the inherent possibilities in the human being, together as well as alone. Everyone who participates in FESTEN is also part of creating it.


A tribute to mankind and the sensous when Viktor Fröjd invites an audience to The Party, that audience is welcome to participate in its own way, whether it’s snuggled on a sofa, sneaking stealthily around the room, or dancing right at the centre of the party. Located in the middle of the work, together with stage installations and three house dancers, you will be part of The Party – a house club disguised as a performance. With music by DJ Cheza and master of ceremonies Yared, this is a party you won’t soon forget. The Party is a homage to the street dance community – a culture that seeks to acknowledge everyone’s differences and celebrates dance as a means of expression. Inspired by the music, jam and dance of house clubs, Fröjd creates a work full of community and desire. Choreography and idea by Viktor Fröjd. Co-creating dancers are Joanna Holewa Chrona, Johanna Fröjd, Yared Tilahun Cederlund, Maele Sabuni and Viktor Fröjd.

The choreographer – Viktor Fröjd

Through both commissions and his own productions, Viktor Fröjd creates and choreographs works for larger and smaller stages. With the conviction of the potential of dance as a path to a deeper understanding of the human being, the work in recent years has revolved around honesty, beginning, time (not time) and the social power.


Being rooted in street and club dance means that the improvisational is constantly present, the understanding of the social, that everyone (and everything) in the room (performers and spectators) affects both the mood and what actually occurs. Rather than a norm-critical approach to genre or performing arts in general, Viktor would explain it as an approach based on the power and potential of dance to open up to each person's own experience through desire and community.


Contact person

Magnus Nordberg, Producer,



Social media

IG: @iverkultur

FB: @kulturforeningeniver


With support from

Co-production: Kulturföreningen Iver, Dansens Hus, NorrlandsOperan and Dansstationen. Supported by Kulturrådet, Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and Konstnärsnämnden.

Photographer: Jonah Mathew, Ortenheim

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