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Takuya Fujisawa

Takuya Fujisawa is a Dancer / Choreographer / Scenografer from Japan, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Presenting at the Swedish Dance Experience, Thursday, August 29th in Sammlung Philara.


Performance – Skumitate

The Gothenburg-based dancer and choreographer Takuya Fujisawa's new piece "Skumitate" mixes various perspectives to embody what we feel but cannot see. "Skumitate" fuses several art forms, including puppetry, contemporary dance, tap dance, and acting, into an evocative whole.


Takuya calls himself a choreographer, but he is an integrated artist. In the vitality of his artistic vision, he interacts with the material in every aspect. He writes lines, directs, choreographs, designs costumes, produces, carves branches, and is even one of five actors/dancers on stage. However, the artist's primary focus is on the collective creativity of the ensemble. The performance is improvisational, bits and pieces are added to fragments, and the boundaries between the different art forms become blurred.


Takuya Fujisawa draws on his own experiences as an immigrant in his creation. Diversity and mutual understanding are important themes in the performance. The title of the piece consists of two words, "SKUM" and "MITATE. "SKUM" is both the foam in swedish and a word that in context means "strange people or actions" or "heterogeneity." MITATE" is a technique for shifting perspectives. However, when the Swedish and Japanese expression is combined, it means a strange point of view, i.e, an alien's point of view or behavior. Furthermore, "S(U)KUMI-TATE" which connects the two, means "to be afraid" or "to stand up while being frightened" in Japanese.


The choreographer – Takuya Fujisawa

Sweden. His current work connects artists from different categories, sharing and refining various ideas. Takuya's research on physical language and creativity focuses on the theme of "connection/continuity. Based on his experience as an immigrant, he incorporates a cultural anthropological perspective into his work, looking at things from a different perspective than the norm rather than criticizing issues.


CRAFT was founded in 2020 by Takuya Fujisawa. A place for to do collaborative research with collaborators. CRAFT has been conducting research to visualize the relationship between the body and matter, and the relationship with others found in this relationship, by performing with various materials.


Contact person

Takuya Fujisawa,



Social media

IG: @takuya.fuji

IG: @research.platform.craft

FB: @takuya.fujisawa.18


With support from

With support of Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västra Götaland, City of Gothenburg, Regionteater Väst/Dans, Stora Teatern, aliasTEATERN".

Photographer: Nadim Elazzeh

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