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Robin Jonsson

Robin Jonsson is a choreographer from the video game generation. As such, he explores the role and significance of digital technology in interpersonal relationships.

Presenting at the Swedish Dance Experience, Thursday, August 29th in Sammlung Philara.


Performance – Get Real

In a groundbreaking dance performance, the borders of virtual reality and the physical stage merge into a magical symbiosis of art and technology.


In the first part, the audience enters a virtual world where light vibrates to the beat of the pulse while digital landscapes are dancing around them. Here, the dancers explore limitless motions and use their bodies to create art in a dimension where the lack of gravity becomes a poetic challenge.

In the second part, the audience returns to reality, but traces of the virtual journey still remain. The stage is a dynamic palette where the digital and reality coincide. Through their movements and performances, the dancers evoke memories of the virtual world. The audience finds themselves at the center of an artistic transformation, where the physical presence is challenged and changed due to the digital impact.

Get Real has been adapted and presented in a number of alternative spaces such as libraries, exhibition-halls, school and conferences.


The choreographer – Robin Jonsson

Robin Jonsson embraces advanced digital technology and puts it at the service of choreography. His works have utilized everything from video games, animation, robotics, AI, and Virtual Reality (VR). His focus is on seeing humanity through and within technology. He achieves this by leveraging technology’s capabilities to create new interpersonal encounters and interactions. This can occur through an intimate meeting between a human and a robot or through an intimate anonymous kiss in VR.


In recent years, his use of VR has enabled him to present dance works online without any travel, reaching audiences across Sweden, Europe, and the USA. His choice of media and technologies also attracts new audiences, including young men and boys, to the dance scene.


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Get Real skapades med stöd av Kulturrådet och Stockholms Stads kulturförvaltning.

Photographer: Robin Jonsson

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