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iCoDaCo 2024-27 is a large cooperation project with partners in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Latvia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary and Georgia.

Part of tanzmesse nrw 2024 official programme

Insight, Thursday 29th of August 14:30, FFT Foyer


Project – iCoDaCo

International Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo) 2024-2027 is co-funded by the European Union. Through collective processes with over 60 artists, it addresses creating and disseminating contemporary dance in response to the social, political and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

ilDance_iCoDaCo_Robert Siwek - Giordana Patumi.jpg

iCoDaCo 2024-2027 is dedicated to developing and implementing methodologies for creating and disseminating contemporary dance in order to improve the reality and opportunities available for artists, producers, presenters, communities, and audiences of contemporary dance in Europe and beyond.


The project involves 60 contemporary dance artists from 11 countries across the pan-European region and it is co-funded by the European Union. Through collective processes, the artists will articulate knowledge, develop methodologies, and suggest practices to guarantee the improvement of sustainability, accessibility, and innovation within and beyond the contemporary dance field. The project hopes to revolutionise how we perceive contemporary dance practices and respond to the environmental, social, political, and economic realities of the 21st century. We imagine new ways of working internationally while lowering the strain on our environment and but at the same time not jeopardising the physical and live aspects of contemporary. We prioritise democratising knowledge and decentralising power as means for expanded connectivity.


The project acknowledges artistic practice as expertise. It reclaims contemporary dance artists' right to be indicators of the ways in which the art form evolves rather than only yielding to the demands of governmental policies or academic institutions. iCoDaCo 2024-2027 will develop the world’s first digital, multi-format, open-access platform for practice-based contemporary dance knowledge sharing. The platform will be designed to serve as a support tool to any artist worldwide with internet access who wants to develop and/or enhance their artistic practice internationally free of excessive travelling or having to digitalise the actual practice.

Dance Collective – iCoDaCo

iCoDaCo 2024-2027 is coordinated by ilDance which is a production body dedicated to contemporary dance and performance art, working nationally and internationally from Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with ilDance, in the 2024-2027 edition, also working SHIFFT (The Netherlands); FACE (France); CUNTS Collective (Denmark); Companhia Instável (Portugal); Studio Alta( Czech Republic); Creativity Lab (Latvia); SIN Arts Centre (Hungary); Circe Platform (Georgia); Movimiento en Red (Spain); LAUKKU (Latvia); SM Collaborations (Germany). During the project, there will be many opportunities for artists and organisations outside the project consortium to engage, collaborate and participate in our activities.


Contact person

Giordana Patumi, International Project Manager of ilDance,


Social media

IG: @icodaco

FB: @icodaco

With support from

iCoDaCo is Co-funded by the European Union. ilDance travelling to Tanzmesse 2024 is co-financed by Konstnärsnämnden-Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Photographer: Robert Siwek, Katarzyna Machniewicz.

ilDance_iCoDaCo_Katarzyna Machniewicz - Giordana Patumi.jpg
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