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The Swedish Dance Experience

The Swedish Dance Experience presents dance as performing arts from Sweden, directed towards an international audience and presented at international festivals and gatherings for performing arts. In 2024 the project is organised for Internationale tanzmesse in Germany.

Presentations and public showings at Internationale tanzmesse in Düsseldorf in August – September 2024. The initiative is a cooperation between Danscentrum Sverige and the nation spread organisations Danscentrum North, Stockholm, West and South.

From Germany to Sweden in 15 minutes 🇸🇪

Hop on the Swedish Express Bus and join us for a Swedish Dance Experience.


Get an infusion of artistic inspiration, a flavor of Sweden, and a chance to mingle with some very creative and friendly people at the Swedish off-programme.

Ready to join us? Click the button 'Read more' for more details – like who, how, when and where. 

Artists in the off-programme ...

Artists in the off-programme ...

Artists in the off-programme ...

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